Malcolm J Bartsch Watercolour

Malcolm J Bartsch

I was born in the Barossa Valley in 1947. Growing up in the Barossa Valley encouraged my interest in buildings and the landscape. The Prussian connection to Europe made me realise that my roots were in Europe. Living in Adelaide during my formative study period, introduced me to the heritage buildings of Adelaide CBD and suburbs.

Since 1971, I have been involved with the fine arts. Many people have given me the opportunity to create original works for them to enjoy.

The art subject matter has included the following genres:

  • Adelaide CBD Landmarks & Heritage Buildings
  • South Australian Country Scenes (Barossa Valley Landscapes)
  • Tasmanian Wilderness
  • Australian Outback Buildings & Landscapes
  • Umbria Towns and Italy Landscapes
  • Great Barrier Reef Abstracts
  • Melbourne CBD and Ballarat Landmarks

In recent years, my work has been moving around in the art market. On some occasions I have been involved in the process of reassessment and restoration. It gives me much pleasure to make contact with works from past years.

My works will be in one of the following categories:

  • Original works – mainly in the ink line, water colour and pencil mediums
  • Uncoloured black line numbered prints
  • Coloured numbered prints
  • Monotone & Coloured postcards
  • Some household items like coasters and placements either:
    • Etched copper finish on black circuit board materials
    • Laminex material
  • Miniature works for ASMA (TAS) Inc.

Architectural Drafting

1964 – 1968:  Studied at the South Australian Institute of Technology

1984 – 1986:  Maritime Museum of South Australia, Lipson St Port Adelaide

1971 – 1983  & 1994 – 2000:  Work for BP Australia, Ampol Ltd, Shell Australia and Adelaide Fuel Distributors

1971 – 2014:  Private consultancy projects

Malcolm J Bartsch Artwork Collage

Malcolm Signature Evolution

 Signing of my work

My signature did evolve through the years from 80’s to 00’s and thereafter and this is reflected in my works. My works carried my First and middle name initials and last name in full or initials and the date of the work at the bottom.

 Printed Postcards

Living in Adelaide during my formative study period, introduced me to the heritage buildings of Adelaide CBD and suburbs. I developed a great affinity with classical detail in many of the prominent city buildings. My cards and stationary work includes Adelaide Buildings, Cream & Sepia Stationary and Coloured Cards – Barossa Valley.

Printed Postcards Monotone Malcolm J Bartsch

My Art

My records highlight the extent of the spread of the work within Australia and overseas. In many cases I recorded the details of who was the recipient of the work. However, the movement of works from many of my past clients I unknown to me.

The value of my works, have from my experience, maintained their market value. I would be happy to hear from anybody who wishes to pursue this matter in relation to a particular work or works. Clients and People who have my works are welcome to contact me regarding valuation, appraisal and authentication.

I will endeavour to respond as soon as I am able in writing or by phone, within seven (7) days of contact.


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